Sometimes an outside perspective is just what a team needs to get its digital workflows and governance back on track. Through a series of interviews and functional reviews, the Wrangle team will provide a thorough analysis to drive your digital efforts now and into the future.
Are you having trouble keeping up?
We’ll assess your current workflows and governance for opportunities to simplify and streamline content management, onboarding, training, and outsourcing, and look at how you stack up against the competition.
Are your processes slowing you down?
We’ll work through what it takes to get content or features reviewed and approved by stakeholders and what might be causing delays or errors. We’ll look at the tools you use, or could use, to communicate critical information to your customers, partners, and internal team, and how to combat redundancies and inefficiencies.
Are your teams on the same page?
We’ll learn how digital is prioritized within your teams, and how responsibility is divided, in order to recommend shared tools, processes, and data management and ensure swift adoption.
Do you have key employees who can’t take a day off?
We’ll identify members of your team and processes who may be carrying too much of the load, who have a large share of your digital knowledge with no backup, or who leave you at risk if they need time off or leave the company. How can we create more balance?

Can We Help You Streamline Your Digital Workflows and Governance?

Our assessments can help build consensus and get your teams moving in the right direction. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the above situations and have a track record of success. Let’s chat.


A Little More About How We Work

We will interview your internal team members – leadership, managers, specialists – to understand roles and responsibilities, who is accountable for what, how decisions are made, who is reviewing and approving, how processes are documented, etc.

The Wrangle team will also complete an audit of your digital content; data workflows; content management processes and systems; and CRM, PIM, and ERP implementations and/or integrations.

We document everything. And we’ll package our findings up in a way that is most helpful to you and your team. Need a slide deck to present to leadership? Need a workflow diagram or organizational chart? We’ve got you covered.

Get Started
What to Expect
We’ll follow up with a few questions and more info. From there, we can decide if a quick chat makes sense. If you feel we could help, we’ll provide a proposal that clearly outlines our costs, processes, and deliverables.
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