‘No’ May Be the Best Way to Grow

When it comes to our technology implementations, it may be fair to say that companies with digital transformation as a goal have been on a bit of a bender the last few years. Has your tech stack grown? Become more fragmented? More expensive? Digital has been driving a significant percentage of our business strategies that last several years. Now with a global pandemic, this has accelerated even more. The result: more often than not, the answer is ‘Yes’ when requests for additional technology are made within our organizations.

The upcoming year, with a mending economy, may be a good chance to have the courage to say ‘No‘ to the next round of requests. Instead, taking a step back to analyze the components of your current tech stack may be a better investment. Where is the current stack delivering value? Where is the current stack adding complexity and cost with little or no return on investment?

The technology landscape has been rapidly evolving the last several years. In keeping pace with the competition and changing customer expectations, there have often been more reasons to go to Yes, rather than No. Now may be the perfect time to take a 50,000-foot view of the choices made, to simplify where possible, and then to continue evolving from a more manageable base.


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