Digital Platform Overhaul for Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities

Wrangle LLC – a Minneapolis-based digital agency serving B2B, B2C, and not-for-profit clients – is pleased to announce that it has completed a transformative digital platform overhaul on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities (BBBS Twin Cities).

As a local agency of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, BBBS Twin Cities has created and supported mentoring relationships for over 500,000 kids in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area for more than 100 years. Central to their communication strategy, attracts volunteers, families looking for a mentor for their child, and donors, and is a one-stop shop for program information and support resources. The site is more than just information; it facilitates key activities that help BBBS Twin Cities manage their costs and use their budget and volunteer resources wisely. As such, it was critical that the site be built on a foundation that supports their mission.

BBBS Twin Cities and Wrangle began by reviewing the core mission of the organization and how their digital presence supports key activities. We then reviewed areas of frustration, in terms of capabilities, process, cost, and timing, to identify platform-level improvements that could enhance the BBBS Twin Cities team’s experience when leveraging their digital channels. Wrangle made a series of recommendations, each consisting of key improvements that we knew would pay for themselves in the short-term, while giving BBBS Twin Cities the capabilities they needed and desired.

We focused on maintaining their current WordPress-based content management system. We’re fans of WordPress, especially when implemented with the specific needs of the organization in mind. We made a few tweaks to support the BBBS Twin Cities team’s preferred publishing process, which includes several managers across the organization. We also completed a server migration, full code and database audit, and clean-up to ensure the platform is easily scalable, fast, reliable, and simplified to both lower maintenance costs and reduce security risks. BBBS Twin Cities expects the new digital platform to lower their costs while also increasing capabilities and stability. A true win-win-win.

Jeff Coffey, Wrangle’s co-founder, added, “We deeply believe in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters and felt lucky to be asked to contribute to their communications strategy with this overhaul. It was important to us to over-deliver and put BBBS Twin Cities in a position for long-term success with their digital platform. But, we didn’t complete this overhaul alone. Lori Dossett and her team at BBBS Twin Cities were central to reaching the desired outcome. Thank you to everyone at BBBS Twin Cities for giving us the chance to work with you.”

“I’m thrilled to be working with the Wrangle co-founders again,” exclaimed Lori Dossett, Director of Marketing & Communications at BBBS Twin Cities. “I started working with Jeff more than 20 years ago at my first nonprofit job, and brought him and Bree along with me to future nonprofit opportunities. The best part about working with them is that they understand nonprofits, our lack of resources, and the importance of efficiency. I also appreciate that they’re able to communicate often complex technical information in a way that’s understandable. Last but not least, they’re both incredibly talented people with a passion for giving back to the community.”

To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities, visit